Landgrabs in Ethiopia Engineer Ethnic Conflict

Oakland, CA – Today, the Oakland Institute (OI), in collaboration with the Anywaa Survival Organisation (ASO), released Engineering Ethnic Conflict: The Toll of Ethiopia’s Plantation Development on the Suri People, the latest in its series of comprehensive investigative reports about land grabs and forced evictions in Ethiopia. The report uncovers the truth behind a reported massacre of 30 to 50 Suri people in May 2012 near the 30,000-hectare Malaysian-owned Koka plantation.

Statement From The Oakland Institute On The Conference On Land Policy In Africa

Given the recent explosion of land grabs across the African continent, this international conference seems pertinent and timely, especially for the millions of smallholder farmers and citizens across the continent. But let's not allow some key facts to be drowned by the enthusiasm expressed from those attending.

Ethiopian Government to People: This Land is Your Land—Psyche!

Ethiopia’s rapid growth in recent years—per capita GDP has more than quadrupled since 2002—is often touted as an African success story. But the economic boom is costing traditional pastoral people their land and livelihoods, a new report charges.

A Statement from the Oakland Institute on the Conference on Land Policy in Africa

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A Statement from the Oakland Institute on the Conference on Land Policy in Africa


'Nightmare' for Ethiopian pastoralists as foreign investors buy up land

Ethiopia’s policy of leasing millions of hectares of land to foreign investors is encouraging human rights violations, ruining livelihoods and disturbing a delicate political balance between ethnic groups, a thinktank report has found.